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July 01 2016
July 01 2016

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What turning points occurred in your life journey?  Would your rewrite any?  Why?


What are the features of the New Jerusalem?  What will eternity be like?


Trace the origin of the river and tree of life and it's fruits.

(Gen 1-3;  Ezek 47:1-2;  Joel 3:18;  Zech 14:8)


What do these recurring themes suggest about the unity of Scripture?


What does John (v8), the angel (vs 9-10) and Jesus (vs 7, 16) say about the value, validity and vehicle of God's self-revelation?


What does the immediacy of  the eternal city, river of life, the tree of life pose for you?  How does it impact on your present life style?


What words of Jesus are repeated in verses 7, 12, 20?  Why do they summarize Revelation?  How prepared are you for the Second Coming?


What is significant about the names and claims of Jesus (v 12-17)?


How is the final state of humanity determined?  What do you make of God's summary of human destiny?


What is the meaning of God's final curse? Blessings?


What applications for life do you find in John’s concluding chapter?


Summarize the book of Revelation in one sentence.


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