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Revelation For Everyone: Pack for the Finals - Revelation 20


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June 05 2016
June 05 2016

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1) Where and when will the 1000 year reign begin:  On earth or in heaven?

2) When does the Second Coming of Jesus Christ take place?   Why?

3) Who are the personalities of the Millennium?  List them (i.e. martyrs) and explain their various roles.

4) What will it be like without Satan deceiving the nations but with the church reigning instead?  In what sense is this already true?  not true?

5) What is the first resurrection (v5)?  The second death (v6--see also 20:11-15)?  What is the meaning to Christ followers?

6) What happens at the “Great White Throne Judgment?”  (contrast with the "Judgment Seat of Christ--2 Cor 5:10)

7) What are the books which are opened?  How do you know if your name is written the  Book of Life?"

8) What are some dragons in your life?  How do we slay those dragons?

9) What comfort or strength does this passage offer true believers, like you?


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