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The Final Invitation - Revelation 21


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June 12 2016
June 12 2016

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1.  Where is one of the most beautiful places you've ever been?  Why?

2.  Where will the new age be lived out--earth or heaven?  Why?

3.  Describe the residents of the New Jerusalem and the wife of the Lamb.

4.  What will be absent in this new reality?  What will be present?  What will it be like to live without fear, pain, death...?

5.  What names and attributes of God are highlighted?  What will it be like to live in the direct presence of God?

6.  What was the function of the temple in Jerusalem and why is there no temple in the New Jerusalem?

7.  What impresses you most about the Holy City--why?  Why do you want the Holy City to be your new home?

8.  What has caused you mourning, crying and pain in the past year?  What does it mean to you that those things will be eliminated?

9.  How secure are you that you have a "reservation" to God's heaven?  Why?


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