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Youth Detroit Mission Trip


THANK YOU to everyone who made this trip a success!  We were not only able to serve with MACC, but we also donated equipment to kickstart their MACC Sports Volleyball Ministry, and we were able to donate $1,000 to MACC's General Fund. Thanks for your prayers and support and to all our team members who served!

MACC Development.  MACC is a gospel-centered organization with a mission to "seek the holistic revitalization of Detroit's 48214 community, block by block, neighbor by neighbor."

Why Detroit? God is "making all things new" through his Son Jesus Christ (Rev. 21:5). Detroit once had a strong economy and thriving neighborhoods but is now a place of great need. We partnered with MACC to bring hope to a once flourishing city through the power of the gospel.

What did we do? Whatever MACC leaders asked, including sports ministry, children's literacy, neighborhood beautification, working on homes for the poor, working on the MACC building project, and more. We also worshipped with Mack Avenue Community Church, a partner of MACC Development. And we learned from MACC leaders and volunteers about the theology of poverty and how God uses his people to transform communities.

It was a church-wide effort! While only 12 went, this was a church-wide effort (including friends and family). We needed financial support, encouragement, and prayer for our team and for the people we served in Detroit's 48214 community. Each team member had to raise $425. Any excess amount raised was given as a gift to MACC Development and VBCC Youth Ministry, so we had set a goal of $6,500. Thanks so much for your support and prayers!

Dates: August 5-11.

Cost: $425 per person (including leaders).

Transportation: We drove there in two vans - about 11 hours.

Lodging: We stayed in the MACC Building - 7900 Mack Ave, Detroit, MI 48214.