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Youth Summer Internship


The VBCC Youth Summer Internship Program is an incredible opportunity for mature students who desire to grow in their faith, learn how to lead other students, and discover more about their gifting and passions as they serve alongside the Youth Leadership Team.

This program is for mature students who having given their life to Jesus and are committed to serving others in ministry. You will work directly with the Youth and Family Pastor, Curt Kenney, as well as a mentor as you gain first-hand ministry experience, grow in your faith in Jesus, study Scripture, lead Youth, and complete a "Special Project." Don't be suprised to find yourself working alongside other interns, assistants, and staff at VBCC!

You may be asking, "What is this 'Special Project' of which you speak?" Fantastic question! The Special Project is one tangible aspect of the ministry that you help build, such as helping to develop and schedule a teaching curriculum, planning and leading a service project, co-leading a Middle School Bible study, etc.

This program will also include an assessment of spiritual gifts, feedback on strengths and weaknesses, and direction for vocation and calling.

Finally, to address your greatest fear: commitment. Have no fear! Interns will serve 10 hours per week for 9 weeks from July 1-September 1, 2017.

Application is available HERE!!!